Applied Linguistics (TESOL)

Applied Linguistics (TESOL).


It’s good to find people blogging about their fields for through this people in the field, especially the novice ones, could find additional information in the web easily.

The video tutorial on subject-verb agreement

SVA is one of the hardest topic for the second language speaker of English to master. According to some research conducted in the University of Southeastern Philippines, most of the students have problems with verbs including subject-verb agreement.

Pros Write

Last week, I wrote that subject-verb disagreement matters because it signals a serious breach in etiquette. And that distracts business readers. Relatively few of my former students (or writers for whom I served as editor) have committed the faux pas in the writing they have done for me. But, for those amateur writers who do struggle with subject-verb disagreement, it is critical that they learn to avoid it in order to be recognized as a professional. The only fix depends upon the ability to identify the grammatical subject of a sentence.

This isn’t exactly good news. The vast majority of English (or language arts) teachers in North America use a semantic definition (like “the subject is the do-er of the action”) to teach students about the concept of grammatical subject. The fact is that subject is not a semantic concept so a semantic definition has too many exceptions to be useful. Many students intuit the concept of…

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Talk, Text and Technology in Remote Indigenous Australia

One of the most must read books in literacy and language practice.

Channel View Publications and Multilingual Matters

Multilingual Matters author Inge Kral’s book Talk, Text and Technology is published this week and here she explains a little about how the book came about. 

I have worked in remote Aboriginal Australia for more than 20 years as an educator and researcher. I worked with the Ngaanyatjarra Lands communities in the isolated desert region of Western Australia on education, language and literacy projects before, during, and after, undertaking research for Talk, Text and Technology. Importantly, this foundation allowed me to develop the kind of collaborative relationships with people that made this ethnographic study possible.

By having a long-term perspective on Indigenous education and by developing deep relationships with Aboriginal people, I knew that the literacy story was more nuanced and complex than was typically depicted in media and public policy accounts of literacy in the remote Indigenous sector. I deliberately chose to use a lifespan perspective that addressed…

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It’s important for applied linguistics practitioners to have links with various organizations related to the field. Though these links one may be able to have updates regarding the latest in the field be it seminars, discoveries, research and the like.


I love to see people posting their research online. This would be of importance for those who would like to study related topics. It will also serve as a guide on how to write research papers especially topics in applied linguistics.
Thank you for the blog.


Reza A. Fachrunas

Applied Linguistics 103-104



This research was conducted by Flora Debora Floris and Marsha Divina  to investigate kinds of reading skills that EFL university students have difficulty with. The researchers focused on the investigation of the reading skills of ten batch-2003-students studying at an English Department of a private university in Surabaya.  They do this study referring to Nuttal theory (1996,pp.44-124) suggest that there are three major categories of reading skills namely efficient reading skills, word attack skills, and text attack skills.

The researcher focused on seventeen reading skills and doing some steps in data collection. In doing the data collection, the writers used some steps, they are:

  1. Analyzing the kinds of reading skills which were taught in Reading One, Reading Two, Reading Three, and Reading Four classes at the department,
  2. Developing two reading tests,
  3. Developing test…

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I agree with the statement that it’s not the technology that matters most but what the technology could contribute in learning.

Educational Technology Leadership - Policy, Planning & Practice

My blog post on SmartBlog on Education. 8/28/2012

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Back-to-School Olympics Clue #6

The trend nowadays of language learning is online learning be it formal or informal setting.

Virtual School Meanderings

Yet another item from Monday’s inbox…

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Dear Digital Learning Day Participant:

It’s time for Digital Learning Day’s Back-to-School Olympics clue of the day!

Elementary Students

Do you love the ocean?
Are you curious about the sea?
Visit the National Aquarium to learn more
About why the fish and jellies are key.

Visit the National Aquarium:
Explore Baltimore’s Exhibit and Experiences
Look at the Jellies Invasion Exhibit
Visit the Oceans out of Balance Exhibit

  • Where do jellies live?
  • How many species of jellies?
  • Do jellies have a brain?
  • Which jellies appear as a flower on the sea floor?
  • Where are these types of jellies found?

Secondary School Students

Do you love the ocean?
Are you curious about the sea?
Visit the National Aquarium to learn more
About why the fish and jellies are key.

Visit the National Aquarium:

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Research in Foundations of Linguistics, Socioliguistics and Psycholinguistics

I have an on going research regarding the vowels o and u in Cebuano. The topic ignites my interest for the spelling of the language was not yet standardized despite the wide use in the society. There has been a study conducted from sentential to suprasentenial level. However, the number of studies conducted is just quite few compared to other languages like Ilokano, Tagalog and the like…..

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