Collaborate and Create: Group Blogs For Friends, Colleagues, and Family

Nowadays, they say, success happened because of interdependence. That is, we help each other to achieve a certain goal no matter what it is.

The Blog

For many, blogging is a solo journey, but it doesn’t have to be. Did you know a blog on can have multiple contributors? Check out the following group blogs, and you might find inspiration for a project that your friends, colleagues, or family members would love to collaborate on:

Jessica Korteman

Jessica and Hai, a globetrotting Australian couple and writer/photographer team currently based in Tokyo, document their adventures with words and images. The home page is a dynamic display of the vibrant images of the festivals and places they’ve explored and is a fun way to share their content.

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Thirty Six 24 Thirty Six

Two friends under the aliases Naomi and Elle approach weight loss, body image, exercise, and women’s health with heart, humor, and sass. The conversational blog is new, but the pair…

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As of the moment I’m still in the process of upgrading my knowledge regarding widgets…
Anyway, for those who would like to learn more on this topic, you may print or simply read the content of this blog.
go go go…

The Blog

Everyone loves widgets right? They allow you to add neat features to your blog and really make it your own. They are universal, because you can use them on all different themes, so no matter which theme you’ve used to represent your own personal style, widgets can help you round out the features that make your blog tick. Some of’s newer features like Following and Liking have needed some widget-love, so we’ve whipped up a few new ones to help you out. All of these widgets can be used immediately and added to one of your sidebars under Appearance → Widgets.

Blogs I Follow

The first widget, named Blogs I Follow, allows you to display a list of the blogs that you are following via the Reader. You can display the list as a grid of images representing the blogs or just a series of links. This…

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Environmental Scanning


Resort’s Profile

The area is still spacious and expandable. Rising new buildings is still very possible without compromising the current ambiance. The portions for taking memorable pictures without going to the water have been set up well. So if you do not know how to swim but dreamt to have a picture of doing actual wakeboarding, you could surely have it through their painted backdrop.

Visitors’ Profile

The resort attracts several local and foreign tourists. Mostly of the foreign visitors are Koreans whereas some of the local tourists come from different places of the country like Cebu, Manila, Zamboanga, Davao and the like. Most of the local day-trippers are working professionals from diverse type of companies, for instance, banks, airlines, schools and the like.

Possible Allied Business Venture

Since the resort caters various types of visitors, I believe it would be better to build allied ventures near its vicinity. Possible business enterprise would be spa, souvenir store and even little motels for those who wanted to stay longer and for those who do not want to go to downtown hotels.

Unavailable Services

Since the resort is a packed with very good ambiance, it be better if they also have function halls to cater conferences, weddings and other occasions.

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