Language Pulsations: Media Ideologies


(1) “Is this a good time for you?” I asked shortly after he answered the phone. “It’s fine,” he answered, “Though I normally keep phone calls short. For Skype calls I’ll have longer talks, but on the phone, I normally go for 10 or 12 minutes.” “Sounds good,” I responded, briefly wondering to myself, Does he not want to talk to me?

(2) I received an SMS on the bus to work: “I don’t see you as a friend anymore. Goodbye.” I called the writer of the message after work. “What’s the problem?” I asked him. “You didn’t answer my text yesterday.” I sighed. “I don’t answer texts when I’m busy. It’s nothing personal.”

(3) “He broke up with me in a Facebook message,” she sobbed, “Can you believe it?”

(4) An American college student, while backpacking through India, befriends an Indian guy whom he later adds as a Friend…

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