The Basics: Guttural consonants

The Hebrew Lamdan

After discussing the basic principles of the Hebrew language morphology, it’s time to make things complicated, and talk about what happens when those principles are broken. First, a little background.

If you were to take the simple, regular principles I described in the previous basics posts, and tried to apply them to all of the words in classical Hebrew, you would probably find it a bit messy. And you wouldn’t be alone at that – early Hebrew linguists (serious study of Hebrew linguistics is considered to have begun around the 8th-9th century C.E), who easily noticed the root and structure system, tried to make sense of all the words in Hebrew but noticed that while many of them fall into the predictable patterns, many others don’t. They identified roots of three consonants, two consonants, one consonant, four, five, even seven. They saw a huge mess of different structures, many of…

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