Gratitude Texting Saves the Red Fox


In which Carrie muses on structures, speech acts, gratitude, surprises and the relative ease of language to shape-shift worldviews…

“You tell me it matters, what they all say. I have listened and long ago I stopped. Just tell me it matters and I will listen to you and I will want to be convinced. You tell me that what is said is making a difference that those words are worthwhile words and mean something.”-Dave Eggers

A child, at the beginning of his life, learns language out of necessity.  He identifies the color red.  Sometimes he mistakes “red” for another color while grappling for all of the color words in his burgeoning vocabulary and is corrected, “No, sweetie.  That is not chartreuse…” until it has formed a solid synaptic connection and he can move on to bigger and better words.  He is learning categories, standards, fundamentals and this will shape…

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