Are social media really social?

Duygu's Reflections

It was the title of the keynote speech delivered by Prof. Sean D. Williams at the 1st International Syposium on Language and Communication. The talk was highly thought-provoking, and it definitely encouraged me and audience to think about our own use of social media. He argues that social media are actually not social from the perspective of communication since they do not involve two-way interaction. For instance, on Facebook when people update their status, they generally get “likes”, but it is not communication when we look at the issue from the conversation analysis framework as it requires adjacency pairs, namely “speak” and “respond”. He believes that Facebook causes exhibitionism, which in turn results in narcissism. The statement is substantially true when we consider the “check-ins” and photos.

According to Gricean’s cooperative principle, conversation is a way of creating a shared reality. The reality that social media creates tends to be…

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