“For the stud wall we’ll put these four be twos up, fix the noggins, board up, caulk it and you’re ready to go”.

If we were writers and our builder said this we’d get indignant. “This is all jargon!” We’d shout from on top of our high horse; the builder replying with suitable expletives. Because writers spend a lot of time saying how bad jargon is. But is it?

A while back we contributed to a briefing on verbal identity. In the question session a writer raised the jargon issue. “I’ve heard a lot of jargon today”, he said triumphantly, “like ‘verbal identity’ and ‘brand language’”. Now here at Linguabrand we spend a lot of time thinking how to define things clearly. So for us verbal identity is ‘the consistent delivery of competitive brand language’. And brand language is ‘what you say and how you say it’. So the questions…

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