The video tutorial on subject-verb agreement

SVA is one of the hardest topic for the second language speaker of English to master. According to some research conducted in the University of Southeastern Philippines, most of the students have problems with verbs including subject-verb agreement.

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Last week, I wrote that subject-verb disagreement matters because it signals a serious breach in etiquette. And that distracts business readers. Relatively few of my former students (or writers for whom I served as editor) have committed the faux pas in the writing they have done for me. But, for those amateur writers who do struggle with subject-verb disagreement, it is critical that they learn to avoid it in order to be recognized as a professional. The only fix depends upon the ability to identify the grammatical subject of a sentence.

This isn’t exactly good news. The vast majority of English (or language arts) teachers in North America use a semantic definition (like “the subject is the do-er of the action”) to teach students about the concept of grammatical subject. The fact is that subject is not a semantic concept so a semantic definition has too many exceptions to be useful. Many students intuit the concept of…

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  1. pros write says:

    Glad you found my tutorial helpful.

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