The Business and Brand A-Gender


We’re Different. But Equal.

Linguistic researchers are discovering that women and men talk and write in different ways. Many people would say that’s obvious. Others, that similarities are far greater than differences. Both may be right. But if there are significant differences, and these can be identified, we can better understand not only language, but also thinking.  At this stage getting down to statistical facts is where we’re at.

Leading the pack here is James. W.Pennebaker, Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin.  Pennebaker has pioneered  quantitative analysis of language in pursuit of understanding psychological states. His book, ‘The Secret Life of Pronouns – What Our Words Say About Us’ (Bloomsbury Press, 2011) is a great read.

In essence, men talk more about concrete things and women more about relationships. Accommodating this creates semantic differences. (We’re going to call these masculine and…

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