Random thoughts on the SLA series – now a vintage product

Knowledge in Language Aquisition is very important for language teachers whose students are not native English speakers. There you could really see the reality of theories. You can test the theories of Krashen and other language related theories.

Channel View Publications and Multilingual Matters

This  summer we are celebrating several 10 year anniversaries, including Sarah and Anna both marking 10 years working with the company, and our SLA series also reaching this milestone. 10 years ago this month, the first book in the Second Language Acquisition series, Portraits of the L2 User edited by Vivian Cook, was published. Here, David Singleton, the series editor, shares his thoughts on the history and achievements of the series.

Edited by Marzena Watorek, Sandra Benazzo and Maya Hickmann

A little over ten years ago I was asked by Marjukka Grover if I would be prepared to write an evaluation of a Multilingual Matters series about which MM had some concerns. I agreed to take on the job, and in due course submitted my recommendations. I added in my report the unsolicited comment that, since a large number of readers looked to MM for books on the acquisition of additional languages, what MM could really do with was…

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