English in Medical Education, ESP and ELF

ESP has been integrated in language teaching. It is essential for those language teachers who would like to teach English to non-English major professionals.

Channel View Publications and Multilingual Matters

We published English in Medical Education by Peih-ying Lu and John Corbett last week.  Here, John answers our questions on, among other topics, the inspiration for the book and its unusual cover.

By Peih-ying Lu and John CorbettWhat inspired you to research English in medical education for this book?

Peih-ying (‘Peggy’) teaches English to pre-clinical students at Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU). She and I are both interested in intercultural language education. Peggy organised a conference at KMU in late 2008 on teaching cross-cultural competences in medical education, a conference that involved a number of experts in medical education from the USA and the UK as well as Taiwan. John attended this conference and chaired one of the sessions, and he and Peggy were both struck by the parallel concerns of medical education and intercultural language education. Both disciplines address the daunting challenge of going beyond the development of subject knowledge and skills to the nurturing…

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