Applied linguistics: Language ego


For me, some of the most interesting (and often overlooked) factors in language acquisition belong to what is called the “affective domain.”  Most language learners are familiar with the sort of raw mechanics of it all: textbooks, conjugation charts, flashcards.  There are tips and tricks for acquiring new vocab or honing your accent.  But it’s the affective – emotional, non-cognitive – parts of our human nature that I find particularly intriguing, and even the most skilled, analytical, mechanical learners are subject to strong affective influences.  Heck, even linguists, who might be pretty familiar already with all of the ways that languages behave, might still be effected by the emotions that crop up as part of language acquisition.  (Yes, linguists are humans too!)

Attribution is one such influential personality factor.  Another one that really intrigues me is the concept of the language ego.  (The word “ego” here should be read…

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