Recent PhD Dissertation Titles in the Linguistics Department of Harvard University

The following may interest anyone who loves languages.

A Comparative Study of Accent in the Five Nations Iroquoian Languages

A Derivational Program in Syntactic Theory

A Feature-Relativized Shortest Move Requirement
A Theory of Assimilation with Special References to Old Icelandic Phonology

Ablative and Instrumental in Hittite

Alternatives and exhaustification: non-interrogative uses of Chinese wh-words

An Approach to the Metrical Behavior of Old English Verbs

An Integrated Model of the Phonology and Syntax of Celtic Mutations

Armenian Phonology

Bardi Verb Morphology in Historical Perspective

Caland’s Law and the Caland System

Canadian French Vowel Harmony

Case Marking, Agreement and Empty Categories in Turkish

Case Marking and Grammatical Relations in Polynesian

Case, Referentiality and Phrase Structure

Clause Structure and Verb Syntax in Scandinavian and English

Cognitive Processing of Action Words and Grammatical Category in Parkinson’s Disease

Default Case Marking in Japanese

Deep vs. Shallow Processing and Cue Weighting in the Acquisition of Second Language Vowel Categories

Delaware Verbal Morphology: A Descriptive and Comparative Study

Dependencies: A Study of Anaphoricity and Scrambling

Ditransitive Structures and the (Anti-) Locality Principle

Elliptical Predicated Constructions in Mandarin

Extraction Rules in Icelandic

Finiteness, Case and Clausal Architecture

Focus in Kikuyu and Universal Grammar

Focusing on Negative Concord and Negative Polarity: Variations and Relations

Grammatical and Discourse Properties of the Imperative Subject in English

Grammatical Relations in Modern Georgian

Hiatus in Modern Greek

Hungarian Generative Phonology

Indo-European Denominative Verbs in -nu-

Indo-European Origins of the Nasal Inchoative Class in Germanic, Baltic, and Slavic

Investigations in a Simplified Bracketed Grid Approach to Metrical Structure

Indo-European Verbal Formations in *-d-

Issues in Turkish Syntax

Jacaltec Syntax: a Study of Complex Sentences

Lexical Rules in Syntax: A Case Study of V-Concatenation in Japanese

Linguistic Practice, Social Identity, and Ideology: Mandarin

Variation in a Taipei County High School

Local Instability: The Syntax of “Split Topics”

Logical predicates and idiolect variation in English

Mathematics of Unbounded Duplicative and Columnar Constructions in Chinese

Means of Control: Deriving the Properties of PRO in the Minimalist Program

Morphology and Universals in Syntactic Change: Evidence from Medieval and Modern Greek

Multiple Dominance in Syntax

No “Small” Task: Analyzing Sociolinguistic Variation among an African-
American Family in a Small Southern Town

Ojibwe Morphology

On Complementation in Icelandic

Phasing in Full Interpretation

Phonological Implications of Aphasic Speech

Referential-access Dependency in Penobscot

Reflexive-middle Constructions and Verb Raising in Telugu

Relativization and Ellipsis

Studies in Ancient Anatolian Language and Culture

Studies in Japanese Prosody

Studies in Penutian, I. California. 1. The Structure of an Etymology

Studies in some Forms of the Genitive Singular in Indo-European

Studies in the Classical Armenian Nominal System

Studies in the Comparative Syntax of the Oldest Indo-Iranian

Studies in the Language of Three Northumbrian Poems

Studies in the Prosody of Plautine Latin

Symmetries in Coordination

Syntactic Deviance in the Poetry of E.E. Cummings: A Stylistic Investigation

Syntax, Time, and the Experience of Musical Meaning

Target-Alpha: A Unified Theory of Structure-Building and Movement

Targets and Syntactic Change

Tense and Complementizer Feature-Checking

Topics in Zuni Syntax

The Accusative and Infinitive Construction in Latin: An Integrated Approach

On Linguicide

The Effect of Age on Parameter Resetting: Arabic-speaking Children
and Adults’ Acquisition of English Relative Clause Structure as
Assessed through Interlanguage Data and a Universal Constraint

The Extant Icelandic Translations from Middle English

The Interaction of Verb Semantics and Functional Features in Korean Syntax

The Influence of Spanish on the Numeral System of Tz´utujil Maya

The Language of the Early English Laws

The Morphosyntax of Verbs in Capeverdean Creole

The Northwest Caucasian Languages: A Phonological Survey

The Objective Nominative

The Phonological Basis for the Comparison of Japanese and Korean

The Role of Alternatives and Strength in Grammar

The Structure of Phonological Theory

The Structure of Pronoun Incorporation in the Mayan Verbal Complex

The Syntax of Anatolian Pronomial Clitics

The Syntax of Causative Constructions

The Syntax of Negation in Spanish

Topics at the PF Interface of Turkish

Topics in French Functional Syntax

Topics in Indo-European Personal Pronouns

Transformations Across Components

“Vessel Determinatives” in the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic System:

The Relationship between Cultural Artefacts and the Mind

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