Concept Paper for a Thesis

University of Southeastern Philippines
College of Arts and Sciences
Language Department
Bo. Obrero, Davao City

A Concept Paper of Mr. Michael S. Mendez in Applied Linguistics focusing on the usual grammatical deviations commited by secong language speakers, specifically freshmen of AMACC Davao, in their written output

Language learning is of considerable importace for language is the mode of social existence, communication and cognition. An individual would find his existence in a society more meaningful only if he firmly knows the language in that particular place.

With this, he will be able to interact with the peolple around him in several means because he understands what he heard, read or seen and knows what is the correct response to these to continue the flow of communication.

Nevertheless, the mapping towards proficiency in a second language is a complex endeavor. Learners and teachers should go hand-in-hand and need ample time to attain the goal. Also, within the process of attaining the desired result, it is an undeniable fact that learners are very much susceptible to errors.
In this light, the researcher became interested to study what are the usual errors committed by the learners in writing a composition using the second language so a favorable action could be done on this predicament.

The study will be conducted in AMA Computer College Davao and respondents are the freshmen students of the institution enrolled in the school year 2011-2012 and will be randomly selected. Output of the study will become a basis for designing learning guides in English 1.

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